Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/25/2008


The Mosaks said Bass Fishing in the Florida Everglades in March sure beats the snow!

I had the opportunity to guide the Mosak family today for about 5 hours in the Florida everglades. We just had a nasty cold front blow through the area and the wind was blowing a steady 20 knots in the morning so I prepared Neil for the worst. Not to dash him and his son D.J.’s hopes but to be realistic given the conditions that we had. Well on the first cast D.J. hookes a nice peacock bass that got off at the boat. I put a new shiner on and we made another cast to the same spot and bang! again we got bit but this time I was able to get the net around a nice 2 pound peacock bass for young D.J. I re-rigged again and before I could even get a rod for mom and dad he had another one on. The third one was a nice 4 pounder. Neil was busy next to his son landing a nice 3 pound peacock and minutes later a nice 4 pound largemouth bass to keep things interesting. Heck we had the whole family catching peacock bass today in the Florida everglades! I think we had about 15 peacock bass and largemouth at the first spot which was not too bad.

At about noon we made a little move to another part of the glades to try for an even bigger largemouth. We fished hard and were only able to boat one more largemouth and a large mudfish on trick worms. The bite was just off a bit with the front and the winds. It was about time to go and I was fishing a frog and blaaam a 9 foot alligator just crushes the bait! So, in the name of good fun I handed the rod to Neil for the fight of his life. We had the gator on for a good 20 minutes and at the boat for a picture 3 or 4 times before he finally broke the line with one swipe of his tail. It was a lot of fun!

Tight Lines,

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