South Florida Bass Fishing Report 3/22/2008


Miami Florida is the place to come to fish for the mighty butterfly peacock bass!

I will appologize in advance for the sparratic fishing reports lately. I have been very busy and have not had time to feature every fishing trip. Yesterday was a tough yet beneficial day for Dr. Sanil Nath down from Maryland to fish the Florida everglades. Dr. Nath boated 6 nice largemouth bass with me in the glades all on topwater baits as well as took home a few new techniques including a new way to throw a baitcaster in tight cover to aid him in beating up on his fishin’ buddies.

Today I made 3 new friends with Rudy Zepeda, his daughter Virginia and her other half Rahul who is visiting from Queens, N.Y. We launched the boat at Antonio Maceo park on the Blue Lagoons just South of the Miami international airport. Rudy drew first blood in the morning at the flat by the ramp landing his first Florida peacock bass which was a fisty 2 pounder. The next hour or so was slow as we worked some of the deeper water in the lakes with no luck. The smaller peacocks were schooling like crazy in the lakes and in the canals and finally after many attempts Rahul was able to bring one of the schoolies aboard for us. 

We made a move to a canal that has some warmer water and bingo we started catching fish regularly. After a tough morning we redeemed ourselves boating 14 peacock bass up to about 4 pounds and a nice mayan cichlid. Our best 3 fish of the day are above. We had a blast today fishing in the Miami lakes and canals and I hope that we can do it again soon!

Tight Lines,

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