Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/17/2008


A picture taken in the flats of the Florida Everglades at Holiday Park

I was out today with Mr. and Mrs. John Mcnulty down from North Carolina. The two are talented anglers and wanted to fish for the Florida largemouth but also wanted to try and catch a peacock bass while they were here. So, we decided to fish the Florida everglades out of Holiday park. We started out in the morning in one of the canals in the Florida everglades with our target being the largemouth bass. John caught a few fish on a horny toad and a couple on a Gambler flappin shad. We left the canals and went back into the flats for a while. In the first cut we moved a few nice fish with the flappin shad but had no takers. In the next cut we got into we started getting bit every few casts. John ended up boating 4 or 5 more fish in the flats up to about  2 1/2 pounds while his wife enjoyed the sun and worked on a crossword puzzle from the back deck.

Our next goal was to try and get a peacock bass. Well Mrs. Mcnulty took care of that for us landing a nice 2 pound butterfly peacock on a small live shiner. We stayed for a while in one spot catching the hard fighting oscars, the peacock bass and 3 more largemouth, one of which was about 3 pounds. As always all of our fish were released today unharmed for the next angler to enjoy. What a great day fishing in the Florida everglades with good company, weather and bass fishing! We hope to see all of you here real soon!

Tight Lines,

If you would like to come down to South Florida and catch fish like these with us then please give us a call toll free at (877) FLA-PKOK or (888) 8-GLADES. You may also email us at booking@bassmaterguideservice.com for more information on bass fishing South Florida.

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