Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami, Florida 03/11/2008


Come down to sunny South Florida for some peacock bass fishing!

Well for the last week or so we have been in sort of our winter weather pattern with the cold fronts blowing through which has made the fishing interesting. Today I was out with Paul from right here in Miami and his friend Dennis from Texas for a day fishing in Miami for the butterfly peacock bass. The action started out fast with Dennis landing the first peacock bass of his life which was a nice 2 pound fish. Then we went through the lull that comes after someone boats one on the first cast…us fishermen all know about that deal right? Not wasting any time we headed for the canals and warmer water in the neighborhoods. I made a quick stop at one of the lakes on the way and found a nice 4 and a half pound fish on a bed that Paul was able to pitch a shiner on and get to the boat even around lots of heavy cover. Great job Paul!

The fish just did not want to cooperate today for some reason and to say the least the fishing was slow compared to how it normally is. Again I think this is due to the cold fronts and other weather systems that affect the barometric pressure in South Florida. When the barometer moves…one of two things happen either the fish either turn on or turn off much the same way that a full/new moon affects them. We did however manage to find a few more really nice peacocks and a couple of largemouth bass as you can see above and most of them were sight fished which was a lot of fun for us all. The three of us had a great time today on the water fishing in the Miami area! 

Tight Lines,

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