South Florida Florida Bass Fishing Report 2/29/2008


Another beautiful sunny and successful day of bass fishing in South Florida!

Day 2 for Mickey Cleveland brought us to the Florida everglades. We had a great day yesterday peacock bass fishing in Miami. After a nice boat ride through the swamp and seeing lots of wildlife like the blue heron and Florida alligator we shut down and started fishing. We werent there 10 minutes and had a few fish in the boat. I am not sure who won today but we had well over 60 fish that we landed up to about 4 1/2 pounds with most of them being on the 1-2 pound class. The bigger females will still eat but they are in a post spawn pattern and are looking for one or two big meals daily. The smaller males or buck bass are plentiful in the canals and are a lot of fun to catch.

Most of the fish today were caught on artificial baits like a Gambler ace and the super stud. We also had some fun fishing the cane toad topwater frog for a while and they were all over it in the lily pads! The bass fishing in the Florida everglades is as good as it ever was and with 26 pounds winning at last weekends tournament the big sacks that we always talk about are obviously here for you to catch. We hope that you can make it down here to fish with us real soon!

Tight Lines,

If you would like to book a fishing guide trip to South Florida for largemouth bass in the Florida everglades or peacock bass in Miami then please give us a call at (888) 8-GLADES or (877) FLA-PKOK. You may also email us at for more information on fishing with us.

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