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Fathers Day SALE – Take $50 off – <*((()))><

Published on June 14, 2013

Get DAD that gift he has been wanting…A Florida bass fishing trip!!

We want you all know to how much we appreciate our fathers!! For most of us it was them that took us fishing for the first time…wouldn’t it be nice to repay DAD for all those fishing trips he took you on…give him a [...]

Summertime is HOT and so is lake Okeechobee!!

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Tim Duke had a BIG day bass fishing on lake Okeechobee!!

Tim has been a great client of mine for several years now. We have done it all…BIG peacocks, BIG snakeheads and now BIG Okeechobee largemouth bass!! We fished the South end of the lake today as the wind was blowing 20 mph plus for most [...]

Rockin into June 2013 with some BIG BASS!!

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Me and a typical day of frog fishing in the Florida everglades!!

How does going way out into the heart of the Florida everglades swamp sound?? How about with the purpose of targeting BIG aggressive largemouth bass on topwater lures?? Sounding better to you?? Well if you like topwater frog fishing then there is not a [...]

Brazilians can catch Florida bass too 5/24/2013

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Fabiano caught his first Florida everglades largemouth bass today!!

MAN, how neat is it to put someone on their first bass!! Usually my clients are not in their 40’s when this happens for me but hey….if you live on the ocean in Brazil I can understand why you have never caught one before Fabiano [...]

From Brazil to Miami for peacock bass?? 5/23/2013

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I came to Florida from Rio de Janeiro and caught some Tucunares!

As many of you know already I guide most of the clients coming here to South Florida from Brazil given that I speak some Portugese…this has been gathered over the years on my trips to the Amazon to fish for the monster peacocks down [...]

Peacocks, peacocks, peacocks 5/13/2013

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The SPAWN IS ON here in the MIA!!

The Summer months here in South Florida undoubtedly are the best months to target our colorful tropical fish…the mighty peacock bass! This is the season where the majority of fish will move up to spawn. Better practice your pitching and flipping! You need to be very accurate when [...]

The Boltons conquer MIA peacock bass 5/9/2013

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Jason and Christine had a great day here in Miami!!

I am out today with an awesome couple from Michigan. This is their second trip down to fish with me and this time we decided on the peacock bass in Miami. We met at Antonio Maceo Park on the blue lagoons (airport lakes System) and were [...]

73 years young and tearing it up in Florida! 5/7/2013

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Life long fishing buddies enjoying another great day on the water!!

I hope that I even make it to 73!! I really hope I still have friends and I really, really hope I still have a fishing buddy! These two guys were awesome to guide and we had a fun day together. We hammered on the [...]

Split day trip Miami / Everglades 5/3/2013

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Peacock bass and largemouth….all in a days trip!!

I love the fishery that we have here in Southeast Florida!! It is soooo diverse it is amazing and you truly never know what is going to be on the end of your line…We started out early this morning in search of the peacock bass in the Miami [...]

Okeechobee still HOT April 29th – 2013

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Dennis Massa from Palm Beach, FL. and his first day bass fishing on lake Okeechobee!!

I am out on lake Okeechobee again this morning with the Massa boys!! This was the guys first time on the lake and being saltwater guys…it was neat to see them pulling on some Okeechobee bruisers and loving it!! Shiner fishing [...]

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