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Cold and windy here on Okeechobee 3-20-2013

Published on March 27, 2013

Dick Lilly and a cold morning Okeechobee special!!

Dick and his son have fished with me 3 times this month…we did the peacock bass in Miami and caught them good and had a great day on the lake last week. Today I wanted to get him a really big Okeechobee bass. It was 42 degrees this [...]

Another great day on the water 3-14-2013

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The Bradley boys had a great 1/2 day trip in Miami!!

I am on some really good fish right now and today they bit just fine for us. We have had unusually cold weather lately and the fish are wanting to come up and spawn which offers some really cool sight fishing opportunities…it seems right as [...]

Charters for Florida peacock bass 3-13-2013

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Larry King with an awesome Miami peacock bass!!

This fishery that we have here in the Miami area is incredible! I dont know of many other places that you can catch peacock bass all year long…every month and in just about any weather conditions! We are catching anywhere from 15 to 30 on an average trip…
If [...]

Miami peacock bass fishing guide trip 3-12-2013

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Van from Oklahoma and a gorgeous peacock bass in Miami!!

What an awesome fish Van got to catch today!! This was all he could handle on the spinning rod we were using!! He peeled drag for 3 minutes before I could slide the net under him!! This is what you come to Miami for right here [...]

Peacock bass report Miami, FL. 3-4-2013

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Aldo Negron and Chris Jackowski on the peacock bass!!

Aldo and Chris left the snow covered driveway behind and found warmer weather!! Aldo has been down a couple of times now and we always have a great time fishing together. We spent a couple days fishing lake Okeechobee and had a tough bite. Today we decided [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing trip 3-2-2013

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Greg and his son from Michigan on the BIG O!!

We just had a nasty cold front blow though….I told Greg that he brought it down with him from MI!! LOL. Anyways the bite was slower this morning than it has been with the low 40 degree temps that we had to deal with and strong [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing 2-26-2013

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My great client Mickey Cleveland is back on the BIG O!!

Mickey comes down every year from Virginia and always makes the time to fish a day or two with me. We always have a blast together and I look forward to our time together. A month or so ago we caught several very nice bass [...]

What a day in the MIA!! 2-23-2013

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Nathan Larimore & Co. whacking the peacocks in Miami!!

The peacocks are biting man….come on down and lets get one on the line!! That is what I told Nathan before him and the guys made the trip down. By about 8:30 in the morning all 3 of the boys were glad that they did! We caught [...]

Largemouth and peacock bass in Miami, FL. 2-19-2013

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Shirley from Palatka, FL. and a nice peacock bass!!

Shirley is probably the best woman angler that I have ever had on the boat. Man could she cast!! Wherever I told her to pitch a bait…it got put on the spot! We had 2 great days of fishing together with John her husband. We caught about [...]

Miami peacock bass fishing trip 2-18-2013

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Jim Perry and his buddy had a great day on the water!!

We have had an unusually cold winter this year…well cold for a Florida boy I guess. These peacocks get a little tougher to catch when the temps dip down but if you know where to go and what to throw you can still catch [...]

Exotic Fishing in Southeast Florida 2-14-2013

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Richard caught this BIG Jaguar Guapote with me in Miami!!

The Jaguar cichlid or as some call rainbow bass is a toothy fish that puts up a great fight. It is from Central America and is considered a gamefish in it local habitat. They are very good to eat and as some say like a crappie [...]

Peacock Bass in Miami, FL. 2-13-2013

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Dave Phelps and his wife had a blast catching the peacocks!!

Dave being a good bass fisherman did not know what to think when I told him the best way to catch the peacocks is on a small live shiner. Well after the first one whacked his bait he never looked back! We pitched, flipped and [...]

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