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Lake Okeechobee MONSTER bass fishing 2/12/2013

Published on February 12, 2013

Me, Steve McDonald Jr. and a pair of Okeechobee MONSTERS!!

People always ask me what I do on my days off…They say “do you go fishing” …my answer is always a resounding ABSOLUTELY!! Today I had a client not show up for their scheduled trip…and I had about $100 worth of live baits left over from [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing NFL style 2/11/2013

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Joe Flanagan with BTI Sports advisors and an Okeechobee MONSTER!

Long time client Joe Flanagan CEO of BTI Sports advisors brought two up and coming NFL superstars out for a day on the lake. Zeke Motta and Theo Riddick recent graduates from Notre Dame got their first lake Okeechobee bass fishing experience today!
We had a [...]

Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing! 2/2/2013

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Good day here on beautiful Lake Okeechobee, FL!!

Guys and gals this lake is ON FIRE right now!! When the weather patterns are stable here the fishing is incredible! We have been fishing a lot of trips with the huge wild shiners that are caught here on the lake. Our water levels are great for fishing [...]

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Guides 1/28/2013

Published on February 4, 2013

Good morning from Miami, Florida!!

Well it is day 2 for my great client Mickey Cleveland and we are off to the Southside…in search of peacock bass today!! It has been cool the last few days but when the sun is out is just gorgeous….about 70 degrees! Mickey left snow on the ground at home so [...]

Lake Okeechobee, FL. BIG bass!! 1/27/2013

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Long time client Mickey Cleveland with some Okeechobee specials!

Another great day of bass fishing is in the books on lake Okeechobee here in Sunny South Florida! The lake is at a great level for us fishermen at just under 15 feet…Navigation is a breeze right now which is always a welcome thing! The big female [...]

Stevo from Canada in Sunny South Florida!! 1/24/2013

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Stevo from Canada and a strong peacock bass in Miami, FL.!

Steve Chenier has been coming and fishing with me for several years now and I always look forward to his company. We usually had great success together and today was no different. Last trip Steve got a 10 pound bass on lake Okeechobee so this [...]

Lake Okeechobee is Churing out the BIG BASS! 1/22/1013

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Come on down and land yourself a LUNKER…This one was 10 pounds 4 oz.!

This lake continues to amaze me every time that I get to fish it! Day in and day out I can not imagine a better bass fishing lake….If there is one that does exist…I do not want to know about it…This is [...]

A little Peacock Bassin with Duck Dynasty 1/20/2013

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Ian from North Carolina and a beautiful peacock bass in Miami!

Some of my favorite clients are in town for a couple of days and we always have a blast together no matter what the fishing does to us…Last year we were met with very cold temps and miserable winds…this year was a different ball game. [...]

From Brasil to Miami, FL. for peacock bass! 1/17/2013

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My boys from Brasil had a banner day even with the cold front

Today I am out with long time client John Paulo from Brasil. I just love it when he comes up and I get a kick out of it how he loves the peacock bass fishing in Miami even when he can catch them [...]

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