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Peacock Bass Guides & More in Miami 7-10-2012

Published on July 23, 2012

Dom the fisherman came down to do the exotics in Miami!

Dominic is on a life long quest to catch as many species as he possibly can. So, I got a request to go fishing in peacock bass waters for anything but peacock bass. We have so many different exotic species here in South Florida that [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing in July – 2012!

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We LOVE Okechobee Bassin’ Baby!

Yeeeeehaw! that’s what my boy here yelled when we luggeed this one into the boat. Bass fishing during the Summer months here in Florida can be very tough on my folks from up north…It gets so hot that it can be downright dangerous and to boot the bass are not so [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami 6/26/2012

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Another great day peacock bass fishing in Miami!

Summer is hear and boy is it HOT….the saving grace is so is the fishing!! The bite is on everywhere from lake Okeechobee South to the everglades and into the Miami canals for the peacock bass. The snakeheads have also been eating really well and we are always [...]

KIDS love bass fishing too 6/20/2012

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Riley & Morgan McDonald and some Okeechobee bass!

I had a half day trip this morning at Okeechobee so I told the wife to throw the kids in the car and meet me at the ramp around noon. They had no idea what a surprise they were in for…I still remember my first trip to the [...]

Steve McDonald – “Guide to the Brazilians”

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My new Brazilian friends enjoying catching bass on Okeechobee

I have been very fortunate to have my business flourish down in Brazil. I got into going down to the Amazon for the really big peacock bass and through those trips have made several very good friendships that helped get my name out down there. The most [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami 6/5/2012

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Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami, FL June 2012

I am out today with Michael Cagley and 2 of his buddies fishing the peacock bass out of Miami. Michael a.k.a. “D.J. Destiny” is the DJ for the Sacramento Kings rockin all of your favorite songs during game time!
I met the guys at Maceo Park in Miami [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing report 5/15/2012

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Bruce holding up a 9 pound monster on the BIG O

3 days of bass fishing are in the books. There were not quite as many big bass caught this week on artificial baits as there have been but we are still catching lots of big bass on shiners. After a slow couple of days I [...]

Lake Okeechobee STILL ON FIRE 3/10/2012

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Miles Crowe from Atlanta with an Okeechobee HAWG

Lake Okeechobee is still producing huge bass on a daily basis. Even though a lot of the bigger fish are moving offshore we are still catching a few big ones each trip out. Today was a little tougher than it has been for me but as you can [...]

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing NY METS Style!

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The New York METS Pitching Staff Peacock Bassin’ in MIA

I got a call the other day from the NY Mets. They said they would be coming in town to play the Florida Marlins and a few of their pitchers were looking to get out and do some peacock bass fishing. I spoke with Tim Byrdak [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing report 4/12/2012

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Come catch BIG bass in April on Lake Okeechobee – South Florida!

This lake just keeps amazing me guys! I have spent about 100 days this year guiding on the lake and every dawn brings a new excitement for me. I feel truly blessed to have such an awesome view from the office
Today we [...]

Lake Okeechobee churns out another 10 pounder!

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April has arrived and brought with it some awesome bass fishing!

I have been fishing the South end of the lake a lot down in an area called Pelican Bay. I am fishing a spot no larger than the size of a semi tractor trailer truck. This is a transition area where some the big females [...]

Peacock Bass FIshing in Miami 4/5/2012

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Big old knot head butterfly peacock bass in Miami, FL!

The fishing for our peacock bass has been great. With water temps reaching up into the higher 80’s the peas are right at home. They love the warm water and are sooooo much fun to catch off of the beds. The sight fishing technique is easily [...]

Slayin ‘em on Lake Okeechobee 3/4/2012

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What a day on lake Okeechobee – 5 bass = 41 pounds!

You know you had a great day when you spend as much on shiners as you do on the fishing trip itself! We were through 6 dozen shiners by 9:30 in the morning! We burned another 6 dozen after lunch too! How does your [...]

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing Trip 3/2/2012

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Another big Okeechobee bruiser eats a spinnerbait!

Last night I got a call from my buddy Scott Martin at Roland Martins marina. Scotty needed to get on the road early to the next tournament and asked me if I could cover a trip for him. He said no pressure as the guys wanted to fish all [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report, Miami – 3/1/2012

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Peacock bassin’ down in the Sunshine State – FLORIDA!

The spawn is on guys! The peacock bass are well into their spawning activities and we are catching 80% of of them on beds in less than a foot of crystal clear water! This is not for the faint at heart and if it does not get [...]

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