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Peacock Bass Fishing Report – Miami 2/15/2012

Published on February 17, 2012

Don and his 2 friends had a great time fishing the peacock bass!

Well these 3 lucky guys are well ahead of the game if you ask me…not only are they leaving on a cruise to the Caribbean in the morning… they got to skip out on a day of shopping with the wives on Miami [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami 2/13/2012

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BIG EL on day 2 in Miami fishing for butterfly peacock bass!

Today started out rainy on us and we almost called it off completely. The guys were late getting to the tackle shop because they were having a hard time reaching me…it usually helps if you turn your phone on…anyways the minor delay turned out [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing 2/12/2012

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Mike and EL had a great day bass fishing at lake Okeechobee!

Mike and his buddy EL down from Chicago on business found some time to do a little bass fishing here on lake Okeechobee! We launched right in the middle of the FLW tour takeoff which was a bit of a pain with all the [...]

Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee in FL. 2/11/2012

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Me, Steve McDonald with an Okeechobee Special!

Guys this lake right now is ON FIRE. If you are here in South Florida and are looking at doing some bass fishing then you only have one choice and that’s the BIG O…I do hope that you let me guide you but in any case you have to [...]

From Brazil to Florida – Bass Fishing 2/10/2012

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Wagner and Andre from Bela Horizante in Brazil at Okeechobee!

I find it very neat that the Brazilian people have a love for black bass fishing! I guess that it is no different than my love for the peacock bass that is native to their country. I want to go there to fish big peacocks and [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing 2/8/2012

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Andrew and Nick from Palm Beach had a banner day on the BIG O!

Today was my buddy Nick’s birthday and he wanted to spend it out on the lake with his friend Andrew doin’ some bassin’! I met the guys in Clewiston at Roland Martins marina and we headed out. With a little cold front [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report 1/28/2012

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Dan from Pennsylvania and a monster Okeechobee Largemouth

Dan got an Okeechobee special as you can see above. This 9 pound mama destroyed a Gambler Big EZ for us! It was cool you could see the fish moving around on her bed in about 2 feet of water so Dan made a long bomb cast past [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Trip 1/21/2012

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We hammered them again…this time on lake Okeechobee!

Well day 2 was a dandy also…we made the trip to lake Okeechobee this morning and launched at the South end near Slims fish camp on Torry Island. I have been fishing down here a lot lately and man has it been fun! There is endless grass fields [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Trip, Florida 1/20/2012

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We have AWESOME peacock bass fishing in Florida!

This fishery that we have here in the metropolitan Miami area is second to none! I do not know of another system anywhere in our country one where you can catch a peacock bass and a largemouth in the same day and in addition have the chance to [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing 1/14/2012

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Ian from North Carolina and a nice Okeechobee largemouth bass!

I love it when this group of guys comes down as we have a lot of fun fishing together! The tough part is that we always seem to get horrible weather conditions for our trips. Ben and Ian please leave that stuff at home with you [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Trip 1/10/2012

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Mickey Cleveland and I on Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing!

Mickey is a great client of ours and comes down a couple times every year. We have done the everglades and the peacocks on past trips so now it was time to hit the BIG O. I met Mickey in Clewiston – we grabbed some shiners at [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guide 1/6/2012

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Steve Chenier and I had a great day on Lake Okeechobee!

Steve is down from Canada every year around this time visiting family and always finds a day to do some bass fishing. This time I suggested that we fish lake O for some of our bucket mouth bruisers. Steve agreed and made the drive up [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami 1/4/2012

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Nickhy Nath caught some beautiful peacock bass in Miami, FL!

Nickhy and his Dad Sanil come down every year and fish with me for a day or two. We always have a great time together and am always amazed at how good of an angler young Nickhy is becoming. He does everything himself. His Dad has [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Report – 1/1/2012

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Steve McDonald and a monster lake Okeechobee bass to kick off 2012!

Well guys 2012 is off and running and as you see we are catching some BIG bass here in South Florida. Lake Okeechobee is unreal right now and will be over the next several months while the large female bass are in the shallow [...]

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