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Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Trip 11/2011

Published on November 14, 2011

One of our best clients Jose Hernandez and a Okeechobee Bruiser!

November has been shaping up to be an awesome month to be here to fish world famous lake Okeechobee for some of our Flrorida strain largemouth! We have had a couple small cold fronts come down over the past couple weeks and that seems to [...]

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip 10/2011

Published on November 11, 2011

A slideshow of my 6th trip to the Amazon….My BEST yet!!!

Most all of you reading this are all avid freshwater fishermen….well please do yourself a favor and figure out when or how you can get down to the Amazon with me to experience the best freshwater fishing on the planet! However please understand that [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami, FL. 11/4/11

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Greg from Canada with a nice peacock bass here in Miami, FL.!

Well guys it is now November and we are still catching the butterfly peacock bass with good success on our guide trips. As the water has began to cool there has been a decent top-water bite for these feisty fish from the Amazon. What [...]

Bullseye Snakehead Fishing Guide South Florida

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Tim Duke and a monster bullseye snakehead in Ft. Lauderdale!

I tell you what there are a lot of these huge bullseye snakeheads swimming around here in South Florida! Just about every time we fish for them we are amazed at how many big ones there are. What a battle is all I can say about [...]

Fishing for Exotic Species in Miami, FL. October 2011

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My boys landed a big Jaguar Guapote Cichlid in Miami, FL.!

This picture did not do the fish justice! This was one of the biggest jaguars that I have ever seen! They are like a crappie on steroids! This is just some of the species of fish that reside in the Miami lakes and canals. When [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami, FL. 10/2011

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Tim Duke from Utah with a nice peacock bass in Miami, FL.!

Tim comes down all the time to fish with us and generally brings someone new to experience our fantastic fishery here in Southeast Florida. This trip we decided on fishing peacock bass one day and Tim’s favorite for snakeheads the next. I always enjoy [...]

Bullseye Snakehead Fishing in South Florida!

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We are catching some monster snakeheads in South Florida guys!!!

These fish are lots of fun to catch guys….if you are going to be here in South Florida and have a day to fish then give me a call and I will get you out for some of these apex predators. They smash topwater frogs and [...]

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