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Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami, Florida 9/2011

Published on September 9, 2011

Me, Steve McDonald landing a nice peacock bass in Miami, FL.!

Another great day of peacock bass fishing here in Florida is on record. We are still seeing some of the fish on beds which offers some really neat sight fishing opportunities. I am also catching some fish in the deeper water of the lakes and [...]

Big Bass in the Florida Everglades 9/2011

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Alex Campuzano and a couple really nice largies in the GLADES!

Alex fishes with us a couple of times every year and we always have a great time! This trip was his first one in the glades as we generally are fishing for peacocks. Well, he said “Steve I am looking forward to a big bass [...]

Snakehead Fishing Guides South Florida 8/2011

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Tim Duke and some of the bullseye snakeheads we got today!

Like I said in my last post these fish have quickly become Tim’s favorite fish maybe even more so than his longtime love of those tiger muskies! Now each and every time that my buddy comes down he books a day for these exotic invasive [...]

Summertime Bassin’ in the Magic City 8/2011!

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Tim and Nancy Duke with some of the peacocks we caught today!

Tim and Nancy Duke from Utah had a great couple days fishing with us here in Sunny South Florida! Tim comes down quite a bit to fish for the bullseye snakeheads that we have here in our region. This species has quickly become Tim’s [...]

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