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Peacock Bass Report Miami 3/22/2011

Published on March 23, 2011

John Haynes Peacock Bassin in Beautiful Miami Florida!

We have had some great weather over the last 4 or 5 days. Its been 80 degrees during the days with blue bird skies. This is perfect weather for sight fishing these bedding peacock bass. John flipped a jig that we use in the Amazon on them all [...]

Florida Peacock Bass Report 3/21/2010

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Jason from South Carolina and a beautiful Florida peacock bass!

Jason and his buddy DJ had a blast today catching our butterfly peacock bass in Miami. We picked away at the fish slowly en route to 14 or 15 by days end up to 4 1/2 pounds. It was a lot of sight fishing today with [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami 3/17/2011

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The peacock bass are heating up in the Miami canals!

This is a report that I have been waiting to write! The peacock bass are in the beginning stages of their spawn and in certain areas they are thick. You definitely have to work a little bit for them right now but as the water continues [...]

Florida Everglades bass fishing in early Spring is fun!

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The Florida Everglades produces another nice largemouth bass!

The largemouth bass fishing out in the Florida everglades this year is unreal! We have been catching good numbers of bass on just about every trip! The great thing is you can catch them in so many different ways from the top to the bottom and everything in-between [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Report February 2011

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Steve McDonald with another Lake Okeechobee monster bass!

Man guys from Lake Okeechobee to the Florida everglades our bass fishing here in South FLorida has been amazing this month! The big girls are up shallow and spawning and there are a lot of male bass around so the action is good for most of the day [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Report January 2011!

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Another great month of bass fishing in the Florida everglades is in the books!
Happy NEW year everyone!! January 2011 has brought with it some cold weather here in South Florida but man has it ever brought some good bass fishing too! As our waters cool as well as fall the bass become much more concentrated [...]

Snakehead Fishing in Southeast Florida 12/28/2010!

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Christoph Tuczai with a bullseye snakehead in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

These snakeheads are a lot of fun to catch guys and I am having more and more clients ask me about them. They like to hit topwater lures like a Zoom horny toad or a fluke as well as spinnerbaits. All of these lures are fun [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing in December!

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Steve from Canada with an Everglades bass caught on a senko!

The Florida everglades are fishing great right now! We are catching lots of bass right now in the 2 – 3 pound range on soft plastic baits like a fluke and a senko. Watermelon red and junebug have been the go to colors. The weather [...]

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report 12/5/2010

Published on March 22, 2011

Another Lake Okeechobee bucketmouth bass in the sunshine state!

Hey guys lake Okeechobee is starting to get good. It is still a bit cold down here but that means the big girls are moving up shallow to spawn. Cant wait to see those shadows on the light spots!! This is an awesome time of year to [...]

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