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Monster Peacock Bass TV – Amazon – 2011 – $2,991

Published on July 31, 2010

Henry Waszczuk host of “Fishing the Flats” joins us on the Amazon King!
For those of you that have seen the show you know that Henry travels to some of the most exotic fishing and golfing destinations in the world. His shows Fishing the Flats and Fins & Skins Classic Adventures are both awesome! They are [...]

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Report 7/24/2010

Published on July 26, 2010

We love having kids on the boat and kids love peacock bass!

Today was another great day for peacock bass fishing here in South Florida! Eric Snider brought his son and nephew out for a day of peacock bass fishing here in Miami. Our day started out with a hitch with us losing about 3/4 of [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report – Miami 7/22/2010

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Tim and Nanci Duke caught a couple of monster peacocks with us!

Today was a great day for peacock bass fishing here in South Florida! The high skies and warm weather is the perfect recipe! These fish are in a full on spawning mode right now and are very protective of their fry. The key to [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Report 7/16/2010

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Me with a nice bass from our trip today in the Florida everglades!

Today I am out with John Periera and his son for a 6 hour bass fishing trip. I met the guys at Everglades Holiday park and we were off. We fished soft plastic worms on deep ledges in the morning and caught a [...]

Livin a Dream – Freshwater Fishing in Florida 2010

Published on July 13, 2010

Click the PLAY button above to watch a video of some summertime bassin’ with us!

I hope that you enjoy some of this footage. Sure it is HOT down here right now but so is our freshwater fishing!! I wanted all of you to see what a good time we are having this summer of 2010. [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 7/10/2010

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Jose from Weston, FL. and another nice bass in the Everglades!

Jose has been fishing with me now every month for 3 or 4 months. We have had great trips on each occasion and I enjoy his company. His buddy Henry was here for round 2. The 3 of us had fished a couple of [...]

South Florida Bass Report 7/9/2010

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Another scrappy butterfly peacock bass in Miami, Florida

Today I am out doing some peacock bassin in Miami with Skip from Alabama. This is Skips first trip after the peacocks and was it ever a good one. We only had 4 hours to fish today so we went to work quickly. As I was idling away [...]

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