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Peacock Bass Fishing Report 8/22/2009

Published on August 29, 2009

Greg and his son Simon with a couple of our South Florida peacock bass!

What a fun day we had today out fishing the Miami lakes and canals. I love to have young anglers on the boat as most of you know and today was a treat for me! Mr. Simon took an early lead in [...]

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing 7/17/2009

Published on August 18, 2009

Bill from California with a beautiful peacock bass in South Florida!

Everyone loves these fish! Bill from CA. was no different. Bill is a long time bass fisherman and tournament angler. He fishes out of a Bass Cat back home which is a really nice fishing platform. After a few small tips on how to work [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami 7/16/2009

Published on

Matt Landers with a beautiful peacock bass in Miami, Florida!

Another great day of peacock bass fishing is on record. After a day yesterday where we had to work for our bites it was a nice change of pace to hammer the fish all day long. We fished out of the Miami airport lakes system today [...]

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