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Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 5/26/2009

Published on May 29, 2009

Nick and his brother came down from D.C. to fish the everglades with us!

We had a blast catching a bunch of fish today out at Holiday Park on a variety of artificial baits. With all of the new rain it has brought the water levels up over 2 feet in just 4 days. The water [...]

Great Product – BASSFURY

Published on May 25, 2009

Check out BASSFURY and their line of High Performance basswear!
Hey guys here is another awesome product that I rely on day in and day out to make things happen with the guide service. If you are looking for a high quality fishing shirt that is light, keeps the sun off of you and just plain [...]

Great Product – BASSTAR BAITS

Published on May 22, 2009

BASSTAR bait company rolls out an awesome new topwater bait!
When you get one in your hands you will understand why I used the word awesome! You may be a bit taken back by the sheer size of the lure when you see it but for a hungry 8, 9 or 10 pounder it is just [...]

Great Product – Ultrascent Fish Attractant

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Chum-Stik Ultrascent is an awesome product that really does work!
I like to use it on jigs and spinnerbaits as well as on a Carolina rig. These pellets are great…easy to use and can be fished a multitude of different ways as you can see in the pictures above.
Ultrascent is made with natural ingredients like fish,  [...]

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Video – May 2009

Published on May 19, 2009

Jorge and Carlos from Miami came out to do some peacock bass fishing!
My two clients and new fishin’ buddies Carlos and Jorge put these videos together from our trip the other day. Pretty cool ‘eh! We had about 30 peacocks up to 3 pounds or so. Come on down and film one for yourself!
Tight Lines,
Steve [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami, FL. 5/17/2009

Published on May 18, 2009

Josh Campbell with a pretty peacock bass in Miami, Florida.

Sorry for the date stamp being wrong on my camera…I had replaced the battery and not reset it yet…Josh was down from the Atlanta area on some business but found the time to sneak away to do some peacock bass fishing here in Miami. We met [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Report 4/25/2009

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David Herzka came down from New York and caught his largest bass ever!
After we let the fish go I asked David what the biggest bass he had ever caught was and replied “That one”! with a smile of course David had fished with me on Christmas morning for peacock bass in Miami and [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 4/17/2009

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Tim and John with some nice bass at Everglades Holiday Park!
We Fished long and hard today and could not really get that big fish to bite. I bet we caught 150 bass today from 1-3 pounds and is was just non-stop all day long. That makes for a great guide trip…trust me!
There has been a [...]

Peacock Bass Report South Florida 4/15/2009

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Tim and his buddy John came down for 3 days of Florida bass fishing!

3 days of dynamite bass fishing is what we had. Today it was peacocks we were after. I took the guys on a milk run of spots that I have at the Miami airport lakes. We did o.k. managing around 20 [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report, Miami 4/12/2009

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WOW! Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida?
That is a quesiton that I get asked so many times. I guess that it is just now really starting to go mainstream here in the States? We have had the beautiful butterfly peacock bass here in South Florida for 25 years now. Lots of world record (line class) butterfly [...]

Peacock Bass Report South Florida 4/8/2009

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Peacock Bass Fishing in South Florida – Awesome!
Another great day of peacock bass fishing in Florida is in the books! Man did we ever have a good time today. Its nice when you can combine good fishing, friends and food all in one! We fished out of the ramps at Maceo Park on the Blue [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 4/7/2009

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Tom Phipps and his buddies came down to the Florida everglades!
We had a great day today with the fly rods. We caight everything that swims in the everglades including bass, bluegill, mayan cichlids, oscars among a couple other species of fish. It was a blast! Hope that you all had a safe trip back home [...]

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