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The Bass Fishing in South Florida is Awesome!

Published on March 18, 2009

Me, Steve McDonald with a monster largemouth in the Florida everglades!
The bass fishing in our Florida everglades as well as the peacock bass fishing in the canals is unbelieveable in the springtime. As we end the month of March and enter into April the big female bass will move off of the beds and into [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/16/2009

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Ben from Connecticut with a 20 inch largemouth bass in the everglades!
This was the biggest bass that Ben had ever landed in his life! She was a nice solid 5 pounder. He actually had a bigger one on that broke the line right when I went to lip her! We had 3 or 4 fish [...]

Exotic Fish in South Florida “Tambaqui” 3/11/2009

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Click the PLAY button above for a video of me catching a Tambaqui in Florida!
These fish are absolutely awesome!! I have never fought a fish in freshwater as strong. They will spool a reel as quick as a permit and dig like a tarpon! They are orange and black and make for awesome photos as [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing 3/5/2009

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Kevin Phelps with some monster largemouth bass in the Florida everglades!
Kevin has probably fished more with me this year than any other client. We have had some great days together. We just had not been able to get that real big bass. So, today Kevin and I went out for one fish and one fish [...]

Peacock Bass Report, Everglades 2/25/2009

Published on March 3, 2009

Keith Bartley and his buddy Blue came down from KY for some peacock bass!
Another two clients that both tell me our peacock bass fight better than a smallmouth! I love it! I had the guys throwing jerk baits as well as live shiners to land our fish. We also split the day up by spending [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report, Florida 2/23/2009

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John and his buddy Bob had an awesome time catching peacock bass!
These two fishing buddies have been around the world bass fishing but today decided on the butterfly peacocks that we have here in South Florida.
They had a great time landing a bunch of peacock bass and largemouth bass on everything from live shiners to [...]

All the way from New York 2/22/2009

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What a great day of bass fishing in the Holylands!
I love to have young anglers on the boat. It insures a future for our sport of bass fishing. The weather in New York has been cold so the boys decided on bass fishing in the Florida everglades instead. I think that was a good decision!
We [...]

Bass Fishing on Valentines Day??? 2/14/2009

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John was allowed to do some fishing on Valentines Day!
He must have a good woman! I at least had somewhat of an excuse…we had lots of fun today out in the Florida everglades fishing for peacock bass. I think that we had around 25 or so in just 4 hours. We also made time [...]

Florida Peacock Bass Report 2/12/2009

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Josh and Brynn had a great time peacock bass fishing in Florida!
Josh had been down just a week or two ago with his buddy Joe. They had such a great trip that he wanted his girlfriend Brynn to experience it as well. So, here they are. Josh also races formula one style go carts that [...]

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