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Bass Fishing Report So. Florida “NFL Bound” 2/8/2009

Published on February 9, 2009

Joe Flanagan with BTI Sports Advisors took some of his boys bass fishing!
What a neat thing it is to be able to help someone catch their very first fish! Today I got to do that for Kevin Ogletree, a wide receiver from the Virginia Cavaliers. Kevin is headed for the NFL in the upcoming draft. [...]

Florida bass and peacock bass report 2/3/2009

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Day 2 in the Florida everglades was a blast for Jimmy, Geoff and Matt!
Today was a bit slower than it was yesterday for both the largemouth and the peacock bass. That little cold from that we just had blow though left the overnight air temps in the 30’s. For our fish that is not good, [...]

Florida everglades and peacock bass report 2/2/2009

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Geoff Chen and his buddies Jimmy and Matt got had 2 great days of bass fishing!
Day 1 for peacock bass in the Florida everglades was a treat for the boys. No one had ever caught a  peacock before today. Well things have changed! We hammered a bunch of fish today. Probably close to 50 or [...]

Peacock bass and largemouth bass report 2/2/2009

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Cebe Temples and I with 2 peacock bass and a largemouth bass in the everglades!
Cebe and his buddy Bob were down in the Hobe Sound area of Florida ans decided to drive down for a little peacock bass fishing near Miami / Ft. Lauderdale.  We fished mostly live bait today for the peacock bass. I [...]

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