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South Florida Bass Fishing Report 11/23/2008

Published on November 27, 2008

A beautiful sunrise on the Uatuma river in Brazil. Opa Amazonas!
Well, I broke my camera on the trip down to South America after the BIG peacock bass that they have there so no pics from todays trip. Sorry. I did have a great half day though with an awesome couple right here from the Miami [...]

Bass Fishing Report Florida Everglades 11/15/2008

Published on November 17, 2008


Tony and his Dad John from Parkland and a couple nice peacock bass!
The fishing in November down here can sometimes be tricky, especially when the cold fronts blow through. This is when a good guide can make all the difference! The largemouth bass bite was slow this week around the full moon and the 2 pressure [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami 11/13/2008

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Calvin Barry from California with a nice healthy Florida peacock bass!
Calvin was in town for the NASCAR races in Homestead and wanted to get out and get a peacock bass or two. Calvin a former tournament angler on the delta and other trophy bass lakes in CA. is headed to Venezula in Feb. for some [...]

Florida everglades bass fishing report 11/10/2008

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Repeat client Kevin Phelps with a pair of our South Florida freshwater gamefish!
What an awesome day of fishing here in South Florida! The everglades is an awesome fishery to say the least. It is good to be back home in South Florida and the United States for that matter. Unitl you travel to another country [...]

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Report 11/1-8/2008

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Steve McDonald with a beautiful speckled peacock bass on the Uatuma river!
A trip to Brazil in search of the mighty peacock bass is in my opinion the best vacation a fisherman could ever hope to take. These fish are absolute freight trains when they hit your bait and for a split second the whole world [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Report 10/28/2008

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Nick from Boynton Beach with a couple nice bass in the Florida everglades!
The largemouth bass fishing in the everglades is still decent. Today I was out with Nick in the everglades after some bass. The wind blew all day as a cold front just came through. Our numbers were a bit off from some recent [...]

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