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South Florida Bass Fishing Report 6/28-29/2008

Published on June 30, 2008

Jeff Karr caught this small tarpon while fishing for peacock bass in Miami!
What a great 2 days I had with the 3 Karr boys Jeff, and his two sons Jake and Sam who were visiting from VA. Day one took us to the Miami lakes and canals that border the airport in search of the fisty [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Florida 6/25/2008

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Mike from Minnesota and a pair of beautiful butterfly peacock bass in Miami!
I fished with Mike today who came all the way down from Minnesota to try his luck at a peacock bass or 30. With all of the rain recently the water management has had all the floodgates open which really dirties up our [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Report 6/17-18/2008

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Stratos Bass Boat For SALE!! Asking 10k. Call Steve McDonald (754) 264-9001
Today I fished with repeat client Kevin Phelps from the great state if PA. Kevin is a good fisherman and had a blast today fishing out of Holiday Park. The rains have been starting to take its toll on the fishing and some of the fish [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Report 6/15/2008

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The finished design of our new sign at the S.A.F.E.R. pavillion at Holiday Park!
Today a friend of mine and I fished the Headturners Summer Slam event out of Holiday Park and ended up in second place. This is a great team trail and if you qualify for the classic at the end of the year [...]

Bass Fishing Report Florida Everglades 6/13/2008

Published on June 14, 2008

Rich Tozzo and his brother Howard from Texas with one about 6 in the glades!
If you have not been down to South Florida yet this year and you are a bass fisherman then now would be a great time. The Florida everglades and lake Okeechobee are on fire right now. I think that we caught about [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 6/10/2008

Published on June 11, 2008

Click the PLAY button above for Vol. 1 of our topwater bass fishing series!
I was out today with my brother Mike trying to get some of the first footage of a new series of videos that we are coming out with. We only had 2 or 3 hours to fish today as I had some [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Report 6/3/2008

Published on June 4, 2008

A pair of monster peacock bass caught in the Miami lakes and canals!
These fish are an absolute blast to catch and boy are they beautiful. The peacocks are spawning right now and when you get a pair like this in the boat you had a great day. These two were released back onto the bed [...]

Bass Fishing Report C-14 Canal 6/1/2008

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A Shot at the Florida Turnpike from the C-14 canal off of Atlantic Blvd.
I was out today for a little fun fishing with some of the guys. Ross Meyers and I fished bottom line Mike’s club tournament today and had a blast. It was great to meet all of the guys (and gals) today and [...]

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