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Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/29/2008

Published on March 29, 2008

The Florida Everglades are AWESOME in March, April, May and June!
Just ask our last few clients we have had as we have had a big fish on almost every trip! We have finally been back into the swing of things as far as big fish go down here as you can see with the boys [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/27/2008

Published on March 27, 2008

3 Year old Will from Chicago caught a monster bass today in the glades!
We are coming off of a full moon right now and it is not setting until about 11:00 a.m. so on nights that are not cloudy the fish are feeding all night under the light of the moon. This makes the fishing a little [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/25/2008

Published on March 26, 2008

The Mosaks said Bass Fishing in the Florida Everglades in March sure beats the snow!
I had the opportunity to guide the Mosak family today for about 5 hours in the Florida everglades. We just had a nasty cold front blow through the area and the wind was blowing a steady 20 knots in the morning so I [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Report 3/22/2008

Published on March 22, 2008

Miami Florida is the place to come to fish for the mighty butterfly peacock bass!
I will appologize in advance for the sparratic fishing reports lately. I have been very busy and have not had time to feature every fishing trip. Yesterday was a tough yet beneficial day for Dr. Sanil Nath down from Maryland to [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 3/17/2008

Published on March 18, 2008

A picture taken in the flats of the Florida Everglades at Holiday Park
I was out today with Mr. and Mrs. John Mcnulty down from North Carolina. The two are talented anglers and wanted to fish for the Florida largemouth but also wanted to try and catch a peacock bass while they were here. So, we decided to [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Miami, Florida 03/11/2008

Published on March 12, 2008

Come down to sunny South Florida for some peacock bass fishing!
Well for the last week or so we have been in sort of our winter weather pattern with the cold fronts blowing through which has made the fishing interesting. Today I was out with Paul from right here in Miami and his friend Dennis from Texas for a [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing Report Florida 03/10/2008

Published on March 10, 2008

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami, Florida is a blast! Come on down!
Today I was out with Bill and his son Jason from Pittsburgh, Pa. for a half day of peacock bass fishing in the Miami lakes and canals. Our day started out launching the boat at the Antonio Maceo park just east of Red Road [...]

Bass Fishing South Florida Report 3/01/2008

Published on March 3, 2008

Alan and Tom (far left) had the 2 biggest peacock bass of the day in South Miami.
Today was the second day of our bass fishing trips with the SGS International corporation and some of their customers. On day 1 we fished yesterday out in the Florida everglades for largemouth bass and had an absolute blast. We had [...]

South Florida Florida Bass Fishing Report 2/29/2008

Published on

Another beautiful sunny and successful day of bass fishing in South Florida!
Day 2 for Mickey Cleveland brought us to the Florida everglades. We had a great day yesterday peacock bass fishing in Miami. After a nice boat ride through the swamp and seeing lots of wildlife like the blue heron and Florida alligator we shut [...]

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