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High Performance Bass Fishing HT3 Outdoors

Published on October 26, 2007

HT3 Pro Bass tour comes to Holiday Park November 3rd, 2007!
If you are a bass fisherman looking to find out if you can compete with the best in the business…then you need to check out the HT3 Professional Bass Fishing Tour. HT3 implemented an awesome new format where there is one angler fishing per boat, not two and [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Published on October 18, 2007

South Florida Everglades Bass Fishing 101…A few tips and techniques. 
We put this video segment together so we could show you some of baits and styles of fishing that work well for us down here in South Florida. South Florida fishing is an experience that any fisherman needs to take at least once in their life. From the lakes and [...]

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Report 10/16/2007

Published on October 16, 2007

South Florida peacock bass fishing is in full swing from now until the end of April so get in on the action and let’s go peacock bass fishing in South Florida!
Today we had the pleasure of fishing for the mighty South Florida peacock bass with Bob and Terry Guest. Bob and Terry came all the way [...]

South Florida Fishing Report

Published on October 15, 2007

Miami Beach Fishing Report:
The seasons are starting to change the waters is cooler and we are in the middle of our second week of northeasterly breeze. We are not really getting our N.E. pattern from cold fronts but from lows coming in from the Atlantic ocean, either way it it accomplishes a couple things. The first [...]

South Florida Hotels / Dolphin Stadium Hotels

Published on October 10, 2007

Hey guys check out  Dolphin Stadium Hotels if you are planning on coming down to South Florida to fish with us and need assistance booking your hotel reservations. This website offers you a search capability on all the area hotels in South Florida as well as provides detailed and informative information on each. You can even search hotels [...]

Florida Peacock Bass on Beds

Published on

Sight fishing for peacock bass in the South Florida canals
This is some cool footage of two butterfly peacock bass protecting their fry. This is exactly what we are looking for and talking about when we say we are sight fishing for peacock bass. We just put the trolling motor on low and cruise the canals [...]

South Florida Bass Fishing Video

Published on

This is our promo video that was just completed. The good stuff is still in post production and will be out very soon so check back for the best South Florida bass fishing video action filmed by us in the same areas that you will be fishing if you book a South Florida bass [...]

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Report 09/29/2007

Published on October 8, 2007

Steve McDonald with a couple largemouth bass in the Florida Everglades!
Today we had the pleasure of  filming in the Florida Everglades with Capt. Jason LeValley. Jason is the man behind the camera filming the “Chew on This” saltwater fishing t.v. show. We started off way down south in the Florida Everglades fishing for largemouth bass. We were [...]

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Report 10/06/2007

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Kurt and Molly came down from Georgia for some peacock bass!
The peacock bass fishing in the Miami lakes and canals has been fair to good lately. Some days have been better than others for us and it seems if there is a little cloud cover we can get the nicer fish to bite. I was out [...]

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