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Split day trips in Sunny South Florida 11/26/2014

Published on November 28, 2014

Were catching them all over the place from MIA to the swamp

Sometimes I just can’t believe the fishery that we have down here in South Florida and it continues to amaze me even after 10 years of guiding on these waters..From Miami to Okeechobee we have a warm weather bass factory!! If it gets better [...]

Florida Everglades and Miami peas 11/24/2014

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From Miami to the glades..all in a day’s work!!

Today I am out with Bobby and Derrick from the great state of Louisiana!! The guys came down to cross off peacock bass from their list and to try and catch one of our big glades bass…well as you can see we did both of those!!
The [...]

Momento da Pesca – Fish TV Brasil 2014

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Filming in Miami for Fish TV Brazil!!

I had the pleasure of spending the last 10 days with television show host Johnny Hoffman. Johnny is from Brazil and is one of tbe most well known anglers down there. We started in Orlando and worked.our way south to Key West…and fished all along the way. We did [...]

Peacock Bass and Snook too???

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We got an inshore slam in just 4 hours!!

One of the coolest things about fishing for the peacock bass in Miami is the chance at catching not only the peacocks but snook, tarpon and jacks as well. The canals connect to the ocean so a few of the saltwater fish that can survive in fresh [...]

Big time bassin in the Florida everglades!! 11/16/2014

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Dr. Jose does it again…Florida everglades style!!

Jose and Henry are two of my best clients. We have been fishing together for years now and we always seem to do great together. Today it’s late November and we out in the everglades s in search of a big largemouth bass…well we put 3 in the boat [...]

My favorite fish…peacock bass in Miami!!

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Its a thing of beauty here in a south Florida!!

What an awesome.species of fish these peacock bass are!! Come with me and let me show a fantastic fishery smack dab in the middle of metropolitan Miami…it’s really a unique fishing trip to say the least…I think you will get hooked just like I did and [...]

November cold and rain = Miami peacocks!!

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The first few cold fronts no problem fun!!

If peacock bass are on your bucket list then you need to give me a call and get down here to beautiful south Florida and get one on your line!! We are in the 70 degree range about every day right now and they are really biting great!! [...]

I cast 2014 – Orlando, FL.

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I cast this year was a.huge success…what a blast!!

This is the world’s greatest fishing show guys and gals!!If you ever get the chance to attend I cast please do yourself a favor and go. We made some great connections and met a lot of really neat people!!
Above I am with my good buddy FLW [...]

Florida everglades is warming up!!!

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A little post cold front everglades bass in!!

Back down in the glades with great clients from Canada. The weather is beautiful guys and girls so come on down and let’s go bass fishing!! We are catching a bunch of fish every trip with a the 6 and 7 pound class.
Give me a call to [...]

Office Depot Foundation Charity Event 2/6/2014

Published on February 8, 2014

Foggy morning in Belle Glade, Florida – Lake Okeechobee!!

This is the 4th year that I have had the chance to fish with the Office Depot Foundation and FLW. These are a bunch of absolutely neat people that spend a lot of money to come and fish for a few hours and it all goes to [...]

Largemouth and Peacock Bass 2/3/2014

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Two days of great fishing in South Florida!!

The past couple of days I am on the boat with Darwin Leek and his wife Jamie. What a neat couple from Colorado and boy do they ever love their fishing!! Day one was everglades…we caught a bunch of small fish and this one about 5 pounds to [...]

February is rockin and rollin in South Florida!!

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Rockin the BIG BASS on the BIG O!!

What a lake sized is all I can say about this place!! If there is a better fishery for largemouth bass anywhere in the world I would have to experience it to believe it. Day in and day out this lake produces trophy sized fish…I mean everyday [...]

Peacock bass and Largemouth 1/15/2014

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All the way from Sao Paulo Brazil – Mission Accomplished!!

I love having my Brazilian clients in to fish here. Most of them have only caught small largemouth and yes believe it or not….small peacock bass as well. It amazes me how many of them have never been to the Amazon and it is in their [...]


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The BIG girls are moving in to spawn!!

January through May are my favorite months to fish lake okeechobee…why?? because we cath a lot of BIG fish!! The wild shiner bite is unbelievable!! If you have never fished this lake with a live bait…then you need to try it…then you will really see what lives down [...]

Happy New Year Peacock Bass Fishing 1/1/2014

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Old school Boomer from Holiday park & company!

Happy new years everyone! I got a call out of the blue from an old friend and sort of co-worker. Boomer used to take care of all the rental boats at Everglades holiday park and since I spend 3 days a week out there…we became pretty good buddies. [...]

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